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Electric slide rail screw riveting

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Workstation description:

1. The operator removes the turntable of the electric slide rail assembly to be riveted and installs the hexagonal rivets.

2. The operator installs the electric slide rail assembly with hexagonal rivets and puts it into the riveting tool;

3. Press the two-hand button, the equipment starts automatic riveting;

4. After the riveting is completed, the tooling is automatically opened and reset;

5. The operator manually removes the riveted finished product and transfers it to the next station;

Error proofing requirements:

1. Whether the hexagonal rivet is error-proof;

2. The position of the inner rail before riveting is error-proof;

3. During the riveting process, the gas source pressure monitoring of the gas-liquid booster cylinder is error-proof;

4. Identification of tooling categories.

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