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China's IC top of the decade: rising national strategy for the future

China's IC top of the decade: rising national strategy for the future

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As an emerging strategic industry, integrated circuits have attracted great attention and triggered great discussions during the two sessions this year. In the face of national support and favorable policies, the reform of the IC industry is in sight, and will enter a new stage of development, and is expected to play its role in the world market.
The coming of a new round of supportive policies for the national IC industry will certainly bring significant benefits to the IC industry, which will further consolidate the leading position of the IC industry in the strategic emerging industries.
State support for the IC industry has reached a decade high. In two sessions this year the government work report in 2014, the key work in the "innovation to support and lead economic structure optimization and upgrading" part put forward the "entrepreneurial innovation platform to set up the emerging industry, in a new generation of mobile communications, integrated circuit, big data, advanced manufacturing, catch up with the advanced new energy, new materials, etc, to lead the future industrial development". The successive introduction of domestic policies not only brings the best fighter planes for the layout of relevant companies in the industry, but also brings the best opportunities for new enterprises to enter the market.
In the face of such superior policy support, the IC industry will seize the opportunity to actively carry out transformation and upgrading. In recent years, with the improvement of IC manufacturing and packaging technology in China, semiconductor technology has entered into an innovative development mode. Under this new development mode, the technological gap between mature enterprises and newly emerged enterprises is not so obvious. The competition among peers is more about the overall development ability and the speed of entering the market. Some domestic semiconductor equipment enterprises have successfully broken the monopoly of international giants and realized the record of mass production in international and domestic advanced chip production lines. In addition, we will pool capital, pool manpower and adjust policies to encourage competitive enterprises to integrate and merge. In this way, we will become bigger and stronger and strive for a place in the international market.